Add a new meeting

Navigator uses calendar sync to create and manage meetings. 

To create a new meeting:

  • Open the left sidebar in Navigator
  • Click an inactive meeting in your sidebar (greyed out in color), then begin editing your first agenda

If your calendar is not synced with Navigator, new meetings will not populate the sidebar, and you cannot manually create new meetings. 

Follow these quick steps to sync your calendar:

  • Click the "Connect your calendar" prompt at the bottom of the sidebar
  • Follow the prompts to connect your Google or Microsoft Calendar
  • Once your calendar is synced with Navigator, your meetings will populate the Navigator sidebar
  • Click any meeting in the sidebar to begin your first agenda

Team Management

When you create a new meeting Navigator prompts you to choose if you want to add the meeting to an existing team or a new team. This is a simple way to organize your meetings and meeting members.

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