Activate a Workspace

Navigator uses calendar sync to create and manage meetings, as well as to provide simple and safe access to your workspaces.

What is a Workspace

A Navigator workspace includes your agenda, event details, messaging options, shared links, and more. 

Use a workspace to:

  • Build an agenda for your meeting
  • Collect files, notes, and action items all in one place 
  • Configure automations for your meeting
  • Quickly access video conferencing & messaging with meeting attendees

Activate a Workspace

To start a new workspace:

  • Open the sidebar in Navigator
  • Click an inactive meeting in the sidebar (greyed out in color)
  • Add a topic to the agenda or turn ON an Automation. Then it's active.

Once activated, the workspace will sync the details from your calendar event (e.g. conferencing information, accepted/declined attendees). 

Hover over the workspace in the sidebar to show the event details (shown above), and click the workspace in the sidebar to access your shared agenda.

Getting started with others

When you activate a workspace it's made available to all meeting attendees. They can access the workspace in several ways: 

  • Open Navigator, authenticate their email address (to match the address on the calendar event), and click the meeting in the sidebar
  • Click a link in a Navigator outreach (such as "Reminder to prepare" automation message)
  • Click a link in the calendar event (more on shared links in calendar events here) or 
  • Click a link from the Share menu (shown below)

Collaborating with others

Once a meeting is activated, anyone in the meeting can contribute topics, comments, files, links, and action items to the agenda. 

Access and Security

Navigator links that are written to your calendar require attendees to authenticate with Navigator to verify that they have access to the meeting agenda. If the person has never visited Navigator, this verification is a "sign up" moment that includes onboarding information. 

Navigator links that are sent via automations or from the Share menu (shown above) are unique to each participant and do not require authentication in order to view and edit the agenda. 

Settings: access and editing privileges

The meeting organizer has shared link settings to manage attendees' access and editing privileges for that meeting. To access these:

  • Open an agenda and click Share at the top
  • In the dropdown menu, see "Copy Link" and click "Edit" 
  • Click "Default Link", then view the settings card to the right

The team admin has shared link settings to manage people's access to all workspaces in that Navigator team. To access this, a team administrator can:

  • Open the sidebar and click the "..." button in the top row
  • Click "Team Settings"
  • Click the team you want to edit > "Security"
  • Limit link access to team members only or add a domain restriction so that only people with a specified domain address can access Navigator shared links within that team