The sidebar is mission control for your Navigator workspaces. It offers access to your agendas, settings, Action Items, and more.

Top Row

Jump-to provides quick search and navigation to:

  • basic Navigator functions, including settings, Automations, and Integrations
  • your synced and non-synced calendar events

A gift box icon appears when Navigator has new product features to announce.

The bell icon reveals your Navigator notifications, including recent edits to your workspaces and your calls to act on workspaces.

The " ..." icon reveals various settings, such as your Profile, Notification Preferences, Team Settings, and access to the Navigator Help Center.

Calendar View

The most prominent view in the sidebar is your calendar. The meetings listed here mirror the calendar you have synced with Navigator.

Active Navigator meetings are in black text. Inactive Navigator meetings appear in grey text.

Past meetings and disabled meetings (i.e. meetings that are in the past and no agenda was created for it) are entirely greyed out.

Click the " Filter" button atop the list of meetings to show, for example, only meetings you are the organizer of. 

A lightning bolt icon signals there’s an action ready for you to take on that workspace. A video icon indicates there’s a videoconference link with that workspaces.

Hover over any meeting in the sidebar to revealing additional meeting details. Clicking the meeting cell or the hover card will open that meeting's current agenda. 

For inactive workspaces, hovering over the cell reveals an "eye" icon. Click that icon to remove the meeting from your sidebar.

Each time you load Navigator the sidebar is scrolled to the current day. The indicator is a red line (shown above). Scroll up or down to see additional days up to 1 month into the future.

If a calendar is not synced, an error message shows in the bottom of the sidebar. Clicking "Connect your calendar" will walk you through steps to sync your calendar with Navigator.


Clicking the "..." atop the sidebar opens various account settings. 

You can edit your profile, notification preferences, and team settings, view Action Items from across all of your meetings, manage integrations (such as Slack), see what's new in Navigator, and more.

Auto-advancing sidebar selection

The sidebar automatically advances throughout the day, so it's always selected on your current or upcoming agenda. 

Mobile Experience

The same calendar and settings controls are available on Navigator's iOS app. Click the "page" icon at the bottom left to open the sidebar, and the "person" icon at the bottom right to open settings. 

 Download Navigator from the App Store here.