Create New Team

Teams allow you to organize workspaces and members by specific groups.

Create your first team

When you create a Navigator account a team is automatically created with it. If you choose not to name your team, its default title is your name, e.g. “Sarah's team." 

You can edit your team name at any time via the sidebar > "..." > Team Settings > Select a team > Click "..." at the top right, then select"Rename team".

If you have not created a meeting and you accessed Navigator as a participant in a meeting, you will be given the option to create a new organization when you create your first meeting.

Create additional teams

Common use cases for having multiple teams in Navigator are separation by internal departments and external clients. In each of those scenarios, unique teams organize Navigator information—including workspaces and members—by relevance and privacy. 

Creating additional teams in Navigator is simple. Take these steps:

  • Open the sidebar and click the "..." in the top row
  • Click Team Settings in the dropdown menu
  • Click the "+" icon in the top right
  • Enter the team name, then click "Create team"

Team Management

Organize workspaces with the appropriate team
When you use the same email address with multiple Navigator teams, with each new workspace you activate Navigator will ask which team you would like that workspace to be a part of. This is a quick step to ensure the meetings are nested with the group you want.
You can move existing meetings between Navigator teams at any time. Instructions on how to do that are available in the Help Center article below.
Privacy and transparency
Currently, team members are visible to everyone in that team. If you would to separate members, the best path is to create separate teams. 

We're exploring settings to allow greater control over the visibility and privacy of team members.