Action Items

Action items are tasks associated with agenda topics. You can create an action item on any agenda topic, assign it to anyone in your meeting, and Navigator will track it until it’s marked as complete. 

Create an action item

Create an action item at the bottom of a topic card. Write the task and select the person (or people) in your meeting who should be responsible for it.

To assign multiple people to a next step click the “+” button and select as many participants as you wish.

Manage your action items

You can view and manage your tasks anytime by opening the left pane, clicking the "..." icon at the top, and clicking “My Tasks”. 

Click on a task to reveal more context, add comments and updates to open tasks, and check off completed tasks.

Sync your Tasks with Asana, Trello or Todoist

Navigator enables Action Item Sync, which allows all of the tasks assigned to you in Navigator to be automatically imported to Asana, Trello or Todoist. Once you enable the integration, the action item titles, completion states, and due dates will stay synced in both directions.

There are two ways to enable Action Item Sync.

  1. Select the “Action item sync” button in the “Action Items” section of any topic card.
  2. Click the “…” in your sidebar, select “Settings,” and click “Action Item Sync.”

We plan to expand Navigator integration with more task management services in the future.

Action Item Tracking Automation

The Action Item Automation gives you two options—to have Navigator aggregate all open action items into a topic on your agenda and to send individual reminders to team members with open action items at the midpoint between recurring meetings. 

Before your next meeting, Navigator will follow up with everyone who has an open action item so you don’t have to. Follow up on open action items continues until the item is marked as complete, regardless of whether the associated topics has been marked to revisit, as addressed, or unaddressed. 

Access this setting by opening a meeting agenda, clicking the "i" button at the top, then clicking Automations > Action Item Tracking.