Discussion Prompts Automation

Discussion Prompts include various options to promote meaningful connection among meeting attendees. 

Quick Updates

Before a meeting Navigator will pose a question to attendees to share a short update with the group. The prompt can be tailored to each meeting, such as "What are your goals for the week?" Responses are compiled into a single thread and added to the meeting agenda for everyone to see.

Emoji Check-in

Navigator will pose a set of emojis to each attendee and invite them to select one that represents how they feel, plus any comments to elaborate. This is a simple way to check on how everyone is feeling. 

Ice Breakers

Navigator will add a prompt from a curated collection to your agenda, such as, "Who is one person that inspires you, and why?" Prompts are rotated for novelty and value.

Career Conversations

Navigator will add a prompt from a curated collection to promote meaningful discussion about professional growth. These are most commonly used for 1-on-1 meetings. Again, prompts are rotated for novelty and value.

How it works 

  • Navigator asks each attendee to respond to the prompts during Pre-meeting Prep.
  • Everyone's responses are aggregated in topics at the top of an agenda.
  • When completed in time, these topics are included in the Pre-meeting Prep notification sent to your team, if that Automation is also enabled.


To turn Discussion Prompts ON, take these steps:

  • Open an agenda
  • Click the "..." icon atop the agenda
  • Click Automations > Discussion Prompts
  • Toggle the setting for each of the four Prompts ON/OFF
  • Customize the Quick Updates prompt in the content field (picture above)

Discussion Prompts can be completed up to one hour before a meeting's start time. After that, the option is disabled. This is done to incentivize adding one's input in time for others to read before the meeting.

Note: Only the organizer can edit this setting.

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