Manage Slack Integration

Navigator uses email or Slack to send notifications about your meeting.

If your team prefers receiving notifications via Slack, you can either install the Slack integration directly from the Slack App Directory or set up Slack from within Navigator integrations here

More information is available at and below.

Integrating via Slack Directory

To start, visit the Slack app directory page at and log in to the Slack Workspace you want to link to Navigator.

If your IT admin has already approved Navigator’s Slack app or if your Slack Workspace does not restrict new apps:

  • Click on the green "Visit Site to Install" button.
  • On the following page, you can select the Team(s) you want to add the integration to. 
    • If you are not an admin of a Team, you can request installation, which will send a message to your Team admins to approve the integration. 
    • If you are an admin, click the 'Add to Slack' button.
      • Click 'Continue' to approve the Teams app.
      • Click 'Install' to grant permissions for the integration to work within your Slack Workspace. (We recommend allowing the integration for 'All Public Channels')

If your IT admin has to already approved Navigator’s Slack app:

  • Click the “Request to Install” button to send a request to your Workspace admins to approve the app.
  • Once approved, you'll receive a Slack message from Slackbot with details of the approval.
  • Follow the instructions in the section above to continue installation.

Integrating via Navigator

  • Open the left sidebar and click the "..." 
  • Click "Integrations"
  • Click “Slack"
  • Click "Enable" next to the organization you want to integrate with Slack
  • Follow the Slack instructions to complete integration

Next Steps

After this is complete, you can edit your Navigator notifications to come from Slack (rather than email). Instructions to make this change are available in this Help Center article.

You can unlink your Slack integration anytime. To disconnect Slack from Navigator, follow the same steps listed above and click the ellipses at the top to access a "Disconnect Slack" button. 

Note: only admins can edit a team's Slack integration.