1-on-1 Meetings

Navigator offers custom support for 1-on-1 meetings.

Create a 1-on-1

  • Open the left sidebar and click the “+" icon at the top
  • Choose a 1-on-1 meeting from your Google or O365 calendar or manually enter the details for your meeting
  • Select the Automations and outreaches you want for your meeting


Navigator 1-on-1s offer a unique Automation called Career Packs. With this enabled, Navigator will suggest discussion topics to promote meaningful conversation about professional growth, impact, and  planning. Once a meeting organizer confirms the topics, they are added to the agenda. 

Depending on the relationship between the 1-on-1 attendees (Manager & Report, Peers), Navigator will customize its discussion prompts accordingly. These prompts are the result of extensive research, testing, and customer feedback. And this Automation is designed to facilitate better communication with your closest working partners.