Summary Automation

Navigator can automatically send summaries to attendees following your meetings.

How it works

With the Summary Automation turned ON: 

  • Navigator compiles the topics, notes, new comments, and action items from your agenda and sends them to every meeting attendee at the organizer's chosen time
  • Navigator can also export Summaries to Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive


As with other Automations, Summary can be turned ON or OFF, and organizers can select when summaries are sent. Follow these steps to turn Summary ON/OFF.

  • Open a meeting agenda
  • Click the "..." atop the agenda
  • Click Automations > Summary
  • Toggle "Generate meeting summary" in the top row ON/OFF to de/activate this Automation (shown below)
  • Select when to send summaries in the second row
    • Options are: 1 hour after the meeting, 2 hours after the meeting, End of Day (5pm default), or Next Morning (8am default)
    • You can customize this option per meeting attendee.
  • Select if you would like Navigator to export summaries to Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive


One way to increase the value of your meeting summaries is to take good notes during the meeting. One common approach to this is to designate a note-taker for each meeting, and to rotate note-taking among meeting attendees. 

Learn more about Meeting Summary Automation in the Navigator Library.