Edit Notifications

You can customize your Navigator notifications by channel (Slack or email) and time. 

Meeting organizers can change notification settings for each meeting and uniquely for each attendee. Also, attendees can edit their own notification settings.


To edit your notification timing and channel:

  • Open the left sidebar and click the "..." at the top
  • Click Notification Preferences
  • View and edit your notification settings for all of your Navigator meetings (scroll to view all of your meeting notification settings)

To turn automation notifications ON/OFF or to change when notifications are sent, visit Automations by taking these steps:

  • Open a meeting you want to edit 
  • Click the "..." icon atop the workspaces
  • Click Automations
  • Click the Automation you want to edit
  • Toggle the setting ON/OFF, edit notifications by person, and customize the time a notification is sent