Automations are Navigator services that help you get the most out of your meeting. They are the result of extensive research, testing, and customer conversations.

Navigator offers unique Automations for all meeting types—group meetings and 1-on-1s, recurring and one-time meetings. Each service has a unique set of configuration options that are visible when the service is enabled.

Edit Automations

You can view and edit your Automations settings on a per meeting basis.

  • Open the left sidebar and click the workspace you want to edit
  • Click "Automations" atop the agenda
  • Click any of the listed Automations to access its setting in each of your meetings
  • Toggle the top row settings to turn each Automation ON/OFF

Pre-Meeting Prep

Remind team members to contribute to the upcoming meeting agenda and review the agenda ahead of each meeting.

Before each meeting Navigator will send a customized reminder to each attendee inviting them to review the agenda, contribute to the agenda, and give an update on their open action items. Everyone in the meeting can customize when, where, and if they receive this notification.

Meeting Summaries

Compile and share a summary after the meeting.

After each meeting Navigator will compile and distribute a meeting summary. This includes topics that were discussed or skipped, meeting notes, new and completed action items. Everyone in the meeting can customize when and where they receive their reminder notifications, or disable it.

Action Item Tracking

Automatically track open action items across meetings.

Navigator will compile any incomplete action items from previous meetings and add a topic to the agenda to review them. Once an item is completed, it will be removed from the compiled list.

Time Saver

Avoid unnecessary meetings and protect people's time.

If there are no topics on an agenda as the meeting approaches, Navigator will send a notification to the organizer to ask if she would like to cancel the meeting. If the organizer chooses to cancel and the meeting is calendar synced, Navigator will remove the event from the calendar, notify everyone on the invite, and add a cancellation banner to the agenda. If the meeting is not calendar synced, Navigator simply add a cancellation banner to the agenda.

Discussion Prompts

Connect with your team via brief check-ins ahead of a meeting.

Navigator offers various prompts to promote meaningful connection among meeting attendees. 

Quick Updates: Before a meeting Navigator will gather short updates from your team about what’s top of mind. The prompts can be tailored to each meeting, such as “What are your goals for the week?” Responses are compiled into a single thread and added to the meeting agenda for everyone to see.

Emoji Check-in: Get a quick check on how everyone is feeling. Navigator will pose a set of emojis and invite attendees to select one that represents how they feel, plus add any comments to elaborate.

Ice Breakers: Start your meeting with a moment of connection by inviting attendees to respond to a rotating prompt from curated collection, such as, "Who is one person that inspires you, and why?"

Career Conversations: When preparing for a 1-on-1, Navigator will suggest prompts to promote meaningful discussion about professional growth.

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