Shared Links

Shared links offer a secure and simple way to collaborate with others. They allow you to: 

  • Quickly add new users to meetings
  • Provide teammates easy access to agendas, such as with one click on a link in your calendar invite
  • Invite access to a single agenda 
  • Control link permissions to restrict access and editing capabilities

Access Shared Links

To access shared links open an agenda and click the export icon at the top.

Clicking "Email Agenda Link" allows you to share access to a single agenda. Clicking "Get a Link" allows you to share access to all agendas in the meeting series. 

Navigator offers two types of shared links—default and agenda specific. 

Default link

A default link allows access to the entire meeting series' agendas. The link can be used to access any agenda in the meeting series. 

The default link cannot be deleted, and the scope of agendas that the link provides access to cannot be changed. Link settings have explanatory tool tips for clarity and can be edited only by full meeting participants.

The most common link setting is "Only people added to the meeting." 

Agenda specific link

An agenda specific link allows access to one specific meeting agenda only, not the entire meeting series' agendas. 

Similar to the default link, the agenda specific links cannot be deleted and the scope cannot be expanded to include all agendas. Also, link settings can be edited only by full meeting participants.


To ensure the right people have access to shared content, you can configure access controls in link settings as follows:

  • Anyone with the link can access the agenda. No Navigator account is required.
  • People in your company - everyone with your company’s email domain can access this shared link.
  • Only people added to the meeting - only people who have been added as a meeting participant can access the content.

Each audience can be given view and edit privileges or view-only privileges.

To disable shared links for anyone outside the participant list follow these steps:

  • Open the left sidebar and click the "..."
  • Click "Team Settings"
  • Click the team you want to edit
  • Click "Security"
  • Toggle "Limit link access" ON 

Turning "Limit link sharing" ON will disable all previously created links. Turning "Limit link sharing" OFF will re-enable previously generated links.

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