Shared Links in Calendar

Navigator allows you to automatically add agenda links directly in your calendar events. This simplifies meeting preparation and ensures your team has easy access to the latest agenda.

How to add Shared Links to your calendar

  • Open the sidebar
  • Click the "..." icon in the top row, then click "Calendar event links" 

This will show a prompt for you to select which Navigator workspace links you want added to your calendar events— all, only links for activated Navigator workspaces, or none.

When Outlook Calendar users choose to add links, a second confirmation prompt will invite your approval. 

If you choose "Do this later", you can always revisit the setting in the sidebar > "..." button > Calendar event links button.

By default, link settings allow them to be viewable by "Only people added to the meeting." To edit this link setting, see the "Shared Links" article linked at the bottom of this article.

How to remove Shared Links from your calendar

If you have Navigator links in your calendar and want to remove them, turn the Navigator link setting OFF ("Don't add calendar calendar links" shown above) and they will be removed. 

  • Open the sidebar and click the "..." icon in the top row
  • Click "Calendar event links" in the dropdown menu
  • In the pop-up, click "Navigator workspaces" and select "None of my events" 

Removing event links can take a few minutes to reflect in your calendar.


In order for Navigator to view and edit your calendar, you have to grant permissions. This permission process is initiated during Navigator account creation, and extended to the process outlined above.

If your calendar loses sync with Navigator for any reason, you will see a prompt to assist in granting these permissions and re-syncing your calendar with Navigator.

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