Shared Links in Calendar

Navigator allows you to automatically add agenda links directly in your calendar events. This simplifies meeting preparation and ensures your team has easy access to the latest agenda.

How to add Shared Links to your calendar

  • Open the sidebar
  • Click the "..." icon in the top row, then click Integrations 
  • Click the Calendar you use (Google or Microsoft Outlook)
  • In the bottom row titled "Include link to agenda in the calendar events I own" select your preferred setting

By default, this link setting is viewable by "Only people added to the meeting." To edit this link setting, see the "Shared Links" article linked below.

If you turn the Navigator link setting OFF, Navigator workspace links will be removed from your calendar events. This can take a few minutes to reflect across your calendar.


In order for Navigator to edit your calendar you have to first sync the meeting to a calendar event and grant Navigator access to edit your calendar. If either is incomplete, Navigator will prompt you to sync your calendar event to grant these permissions.

For Outlook Calendar users: only the meeting organizer can grant Navigator access to edit the calendar event. If that is not you, please refer that person to this Help Center article to complete this permission. You cannot currently change the meeting organizer in Outlook.

For Google Calendar users: only attendees with permission to modify the calendar event can grant Navigator access to edit event details. By default, this is limited to the meeting organizer. However, the organizer can share this permission by taking these steps:

  • Click the calendar event, then click the pencil icon to edit event details
  • Beneath "Guest permissions" check the box next to "Modify events"
  • Save the event for "All events" or "This and following events"

Alternatively, the event organizer can change ownership to one person in the meeting by taking these steps:

  • Click the pencil icon to edit event details
  • Click the dropdown menu with "More actions" at top right
  • Select "Change owner"
  • Select another person in the meeting

Once the meeting organizer syncs the meeting with her calendar and grants Navigator "write access" to the calendar, your work is done. Links can be automatically added to your calendar details.

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