Career Conversations Automation

The Career Conversations Automation adds suggested topics that promote discussion about performance and growth. The topics combine best practices from management research with intelligent automation to support managers, reports, and teams. This Automation is available for 1-on-1 and team meetings. 


  • dedicate time to talking with team members about impact and growth
  • incorporate best practices for having meaningful career conversations
  • make it easier to have deeper conversations via suggested prompts (so you don’t have to!)

How it works

With Career Conversations turned ON as part of the Discussion Prompts Automation, Navigator adds tailored conversation topics to your agenda. Depending on the question in the Discussion Prompt, questions are presented to the manager, report, or both.

Sample prompts include:

  • Impact: Where has my colleague had the most impact in recent months?
  • Feedback and support: What’s one thing I could start or stop doing to help you be more effective in your role?
  • Reflection: Looking back at a recent project, what’s one thing that went well? What's one you would do differently next time?
  • Growth: What is an immediate step you can take to get closer to your longer-term career goals?


As with other Automations, Discussion Prompts can be turned ON or OFF by following these steps:

  • Open a 1-on-1 workspace
  • Click the "..." icon atop the agenda
  • Click Automations > Career Conversations

Common questions

Can I see the question bank o Discussion Prompts ?
  • Since the set of questions is constantly evolving, it’s not currently possible to see the entire question bank. 

ArDiscussion Prompts topics automatically added to the agenda?

  • No. Navigator will suggest a set of prompts each month via conversation. Depending on the questions in the Discussion Prompt, the prompts will be presented to the manager, report, or both. When preparing for the 1-on-1, you’ll have the opportunity to add the suggested prompts to your agenda or skip them.

How can I turn off this Automation?

  • Navigate to the team meeting agenda, click the(i) icon, click Automations, click on Discussion Prompts, then toggle the "Discussion Prompts enabled" cell to OFF.

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