1-on-1 Attendee Roles

Navigator allows you to designate manager and report roles for 1-on-1 meeting attendees that use the Career Conversations Automation.

Edit Roles

You can designate attendee roles during meeting creation or at any time by taking these steps:

  • Open a workspace
  • Click the "..." atop an agenda
  • Click Automations
  • Click Discussion Prompts
  • Toggle Career Conversations ON
  • For Meeting Type, select "Manager/Report 1-on-1"
  • Select role from the dropdown menu with each attendee

Why is this important?

Navigator will tailor discussion prompts uniquely to the manager and the report. For example, Navigator may ask the manager, "What’s a strength that [report] can build on?" and ask the report, "What’s one thing [manager] does that helps you be effective?"

Learn more about Career Conversations in the link below.