Action Item Tracking Automation

Navigator offers an Action Item Tracking Automation to follow-up with action item owners and highlight open action items on the agenda. 

How it works

With Action Item Tracking turned ON: 

  • Navigator tracks and reminds people about open action items. 
  • Navigator automatically compiles open action items from past meetings into an agenda topic listed at the bottom of the next agenda with a badge representing the total open Action Items. 

  • For team meetings and 1-on-1’s, these are included in Navigator’s automated summary.
  • For meetings that occur less frequently than once a week, midpoint reminders will be sent by default halfway between meetings to nudge attendees who have open action items.

For the organizer, this provides an opportunity to revisit all open Action Items simply.

For participants, this adds transparency and follow through on agreed upon tasks.

Once an Action Item is marked as complete, it will be removed from the compiled list.


As with other Automations, Action Item Tracking can be turned ON or OFF. Follow these steps to turn Time Saver ON/OFF.

  • Open a meeting agenda
  • Click the "..." icon atop the agenda
  • Click Automations > Time Saver
  • Toggle Action Item Tracking ON/OFF in the top row, and enable/disable each of the two categories beneath it 

Learn more about Action Item Tracking in the Navigator Library.